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Sale agents information request

Diesel Mercedes Trading Group

Agent of products of the Euroricambi in Iran

Euroricambi is one of the most authoritative and biggest spare parts producers for Gearbox and Differential of all kinds of trucks, busses, tractors and cars all over the worlds.
Moreover Diesel Mercedes Trading Group has exclusive agency of Euroricambi, also act and cooperate in field of importing, supplying and distributing spare parts of heavy vehicles with reputable company such as Z.F, FEBI, SACHS, INA and ….

Diesel Mercedes Trading Group targets the highest quality for presented products considering commercial and industrial evolutions in world and market need in Iran.
And also indebts its continual success to respect to costumer’s wish, employing expert personnel and objective and stable investment; and in this case is able to respond its’ own costumers in more than 20 provinces; and in order to attract costumer confidence, is ready to respond orders, offer services and information based on the latest technical information.




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